My donation for man in space: The front-space-acceleration-suck-slip-starship

May I bring hope tell you every 15 years the planet mars is closer (62 million km) than usually close (68 million km) and me, you, everybody can in a wishful time stand at the bakery and think we work on something. Please maybe inspire with the mars adventure as a world state.

So I certainly donate this to the whole mankind and think we are on a good way with what we have. Would not publish if not hope help well. The space in front of a starship is accelerated like the state of aggregate is changed (certainly only possible/ reasonable in outerspace) with irradiation and the starship is sucked by the tiny vacuum this produces slips well through space to mars, maybe in 1 month? instead of five. Yes, our technical abiilities are currently at about 5 months to mars (I once read „two months“, that might have been enthusiastic).

I believe my invention, the front-space-accelerate-suck-slip-engine, Felix Longolius (me), will make it possible and it is reasonable to even improve space telepathy, which I assure you of, as for telepathy itself you need to exercise it (maybe 7 years) and do it at all.

You can connect your webcam and microphone to Weltpolizei

Felix Longolius (me) (@weltpolizei) on X (form. twitter) on front-space-acceleration-suck-slip-engine

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